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SOCIAL PIECE: the outcome!

 The outcome of the question "What should a composer earn a day?",
which the audience answered one by one with their hands up to their ears:

We had numbers from 50 to 1 772 000 NOK (Norwegian Kronas, which are around 8 times a Euro).

The arithmetic avarage: 69 542,70 NOK (= 8 692 € = 7 849 Pounds)
The median avarage: 1600 NOK (= 200 € = 180,60 Pounds)

PDF with the protocol of the SOCIAL PIECE performance.

PDF of the Pay A DAY booklet  CLICK HERE

Check Borealis' website for details on the program

PAY A DAY 8, sponsored by Vetoes (10-02-2010)

'Read more' for the answers of Andy from Vetoes to the pay-a-day questionaire.

Pay A Day 7, sponsord by Borealis Festival (07-02-2010)

Here under the answers to  questionnaire 1. Since it is the second time Borealis pays a day, you can read the same answers in the post for Day 1.

Borealis pays today much higher amount than on Day 1, which outlines two very opposite positions in the discussion: How much should a composer / an artist earn per day?

Pay A Day 6, sponsored by someone (6-1-2010)

clicks on Pay A Day site since december 09. By cities:

Pay A Day 5, sponsored by Tor Kristian Liseth (20-12-2009)

A calculation by my temporary employment agency what todays fee after tax would look like. It's the "A payer par SMart" bit:

PAY A DAY 4 (08-12-2009)

 Work for Pay A Day: new questionaire around New Music, the image of New Music and the sponsors relation to New Music

Work on Social Piece (show 10 March 2010): looking at the (potential) conditions of the performance and their social aspects. Searching for concepts around the community of an audience and the objective of a piece. The composition must be the trigger of performativity, more than a selfreferential performance ...

Dinner with sponsor: thinking and talking around work time, free time, payment, the plesure of work, the status of work, etc. One of our insights during a good belgium beer:
The (personal) need for a definition of work comes not until something is wrong.

Questionnaire published in the sidebar!

You'll find it on the right, 6 paragraphs down.
VoilĂ . (More) questions, answers and comments (and corrections...) are very welcome!

Check the posts of the payed days for the answers by the sponsors.

Pay A Day 3, sponsored by the London Performace Collective (02-12-2009)

Like a member of the London Performance Collective wrote me in an email some days ago:

Pay A Day 2, sponsored by Alwynne Pritchard (01-12-2009)

second payaday was atacked by circumstances, let's say.

Comments ...

... are allowed. I opend the comments function on this blog. So, as long as we don't get too spams, you are ver invited to suggest, comment, ask, etc. on this blog. I am as well interessted in links to other projects around this subject. VoilĂ 


Pay A Day 1, sponsord by Borealis Festival (23-11-09)

23 November 2009 and I am trying to translate 200 NOK (ca. 23,84 Euro) of salary into a day of work for 'social piece' for Borealis. 23,84 euro of salary is less then unemployment money. The net will be around 10 Euro.

First press release

Pay a Day
How much will you pay a composer for a single day's work?

The Borealis Festival for contemporary music in Bergen/Norway seeks individuals and institutions interested in participating financially in the debate around cultural subsidies:

Are you, or is your organisation, interested in funding a single day of work by the Brussels based artist and composer David Helbich?

You decide how much his time is worth and on which day he will undertake the work. By paying for a single day you have the opportunity to contribute to the project as a whole.

Borealis initiates this project by paying David Helbich:
200 nok for November the 23rd 2009
5000 nok for February the 7th 2010.
  • The final work will be performed at the Borealis festival, March 9-13 2010.
  • David will report on each day of work on his blog at
  • All patrons will have the opportunity to speak directly with the composer if they wish.

Will you support us in our aim to have 10 days work scheduled by December 1st 2009? Or do you prefer to fund a day in the last and critical phase of the project?

Contact to submit your date and amount and for answers to your questions